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Joy about what has been achieved
is the anticipation of
the innovations of tomorrow.

The power of innovation has brought BurnusHychem laundry systems a long way.
Our aspirations will take them even further.

Today, BurnusHychem plays a major role in the efficiency, profitability and sustainability of the professional dry cleaning sector; this is the result of many years of research and development.
One example of this is the energy-saving disinfection method that was commended with the German Innovation Award in 2002.

Our products and methods always meet state-of-the-art standards.  But even the highest standard isn't enough for us. BurnusHychem aspires to pursue a continuous improvement process by consistently putting raw materials, products and methods to the test. Effectiveness and sustainability continue to improve and do so with a more conservative use of resources. This not only expands BurnusHychem's technological edge, but also the confidence of our partners in leading laundry systems and maximum performance.