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Texcare International 2012

At the largest industry gathering place, Texcare 2012 in Frankfurt, BurnusHychem presented interesting innovations.

compact Line®
The new, innovative dosing system compact Line® from BurnusHychem features one pump for practically all dosages. Fast, efficient and economical, it gives modern laundry operators new performance potential.

Conventional dosing systems require numerous components and thereby lead to greater acquisition and maintenance costs with higher failure rates and labor costs. With the compactLine® from BurnusHychem, there is only one pump that functions with a specially developed valve dispenser. Hoses, additional pumps and assemblies were reduced to an absolute minimum.

One outstanding innovation with the compactLine® is its pneumatic valve control. It eliminates electrical cables and improves operating safety. Its design consistently cut out any superfluous components. The compactLine® is thereby compact, powerful and reliable. Fewer components mean improved everyday reliability, because as the saying goes: What's not installed cannot fail. All dosing systems from BurnusHychem are compact and work with just a few dosing pumps. Yet they are powerful and reliable. An innovative concept that distinguishes all the dosing technology systems of BurnusHychem.

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Wherever hygiene textiles need to meet strict requirements, the three component system of the TRISANOX LIQUID® system guarantees consistent microbiological quality during processing. Whether in hospitals, nursing and retirement homes or in the food processing industry.

The result: Visible cleanliness and ensured hygienic purity with the highest degree of washing performance, a low level of alkalinity and an innovative washing system with reduced hazard potential during storage and transport, and suitable for regions with extreme climates. Independent expert opinions confirm its bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effectiveness according to the strictest guidelines from VAH (DGMH) and RKI.

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In hospitals, nursing homes and in the food processing industry, hygiene is paramount. The same true for textiles. Its processing is subject to the strictest requirements - the liquid LIQUISAN VARIO® system meets these demands. Uniquely flexible, with outstanding cleaning performance and maximum hygienic purity.

The new LIQUISAN VARIO® method with its two components is the new, flexible way to treat hygiene textiles so that they are reliably clean and pure. And it does so with minimal use of chemicals, water and energy resources. The two system components are optimally designed for the proper, disinfecting processing of hygiene laundry at 40 and 60 °C. Its application can be individually adjusted to the degree of contamination, hygiene requirements and temperature range. Hygiene textiles with vastly different care labels can thereby be washed together and perfectly hygienically in one machine - without having to bother switching detergents and disinfecting agents. The new LIQUISAN VARIO® process can be used in both continue machines and washer extractor machines.

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Cleanroom garments are essential wherever sensitive products and processes need special protection from germs and particles. Sample fields include medical facilities, the pharmaceutical industry, microelectronics, nanotechnology, circuit board manufacturing, and the watch and optical industry. The innovative liquid special detergent PURLOVAN® ensures visible and reliable cleanliness, purity and cost-effectiveness in these areas.

PURLOVAN® meets the standards that are set in these fields for textile-specific requirements. The extremely gentle cleaning treatment with PURLOVAN® is shown as it reaches the normal limits for the number and size of particles according to the Helmke Drum Method. Despite its outstanding effectiveness and high quality standard, Purlovan® is eco-friendly and refrains from the use of compounds that are undesired in the cleanroom industry.

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