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Green Line®
Solutions to the ecological challenges
of modern laundries.

Detergents and the environment are a combination that demands special responsibility. For this reason, we developed Green Line®, a product line for ecological washing that meets the criteria of type I eco-labels.

As a result, we can assure commercial laundries that, by using the innovative products and optimized processes of BurnusHychem, they are making a strong contribution to the environment and can make a positive impression on their customers.

From development and production to use in the washing process through to biodegradability - the Green Line® product line takes a holistic approach to enabling commercial laundries to operate in a more sustainable manner. The products are free of phosphorous compounds, nitrilotriacetates, solvents and hazardous substances. They are packaged in 100 %-recyclable containers with an optimal weight-to-utilization ratio.

Explore the entire range of more eco-conscious products for professional laundry care.

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Green Ultra®

Environmentally friendly, concentrated liquid detergent for economic processes.

•   Free of phosphorous compounds (phosphates, phosphonates)
•   No solvents
•   Free of hazardous substances
•   Tensides are degradable under anaerobic and aerobic conditions
•   Minimal impact on wastewater
•   Substances are compatible with standard wastewater treatment plants
•   Low electrolyte content
•   No preservatives
•   Dermatologically tested

Green Boost®

Alkaline detergent booster with environmentally friendly,
latest-generation complexing agents.

•   Highly concentrated
•   For removing stubborn soiling
•   Improved performance through a complexing additive
•   Eco-efficiency analysis of the complexing agent is available
•   No phosphorous compounds of any kind
•   Easily biodegradable
•   No unnecessary increase in salinity during the laundry process
•   Can also be used to clean membranes of conventional wastewater treatment plants

Green Control®

Ecological neutralizing agent for odor-free neutralization of textiles.


•   For the complexing of undesired hard water or metal ions in the rinsing area
•   Improved primary washing effect during recovery of rinse water through complexing of
    undesired heavy-metal ions
•   Prevents yellowing when in the ironer and tumbler (no volatile acids)
•   Especially suited for process water with high level of carbonate hardness
•   For stable pH values in pressing water and on textiles
•   For maximum whiteness
•   Easily biodegradable


Liquid bleach activator with full performance starting at 60 °C in combination with Trisanox-Oxyd®.

•   A highly efficient activator combination with 30 % more bleaching power than
    conventional peroxy acid methods
•   Color- and fiber-preserving features
•   Odor neutral - traditional peracetic acids are not used
•   Safe for storage and transportation
•   Safe to handle, not a hazardous material
•   Ecologically harmless


Highly active oxygen bleach for disinfection in combination with Trisanox-Aktiv®.

•   Concentrated, stabilized oxygen bleach
•   For efficient, economical laundry processes
•   Ecologically neutral bleaching components
•   Odor neutral (no peracetic acid residue)
•   No impact on wastewater (following active oxygen bleach in the solution,
    only H2O - that is, water - is left)
•   Can be combined with all detergents
•   No fee for volatile organic compounds in Switzerland
•   Environmentally friendly, ecologically neutral