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The school of professional cleanliness.
Featuring a full-range program for professionals.

A laundry system is only as good as its operator. After all, the only way to achieve a perfect degree of cleanliness is to possess knowledge regarding the optimal match between the type of soiling and the appropriate laundry system. Therefore, BurnusHychem provides you with seminars for all fields pertaining to professional laundry cleaning.

Discover valuable knowledge about laundry technology and procedures, hygiene management and workplace safety. The one and two-day seminars provide operating managers and technical operating managers, employees from sales, service and laundry facilities with up-to-date information and knowledge that can be applied right away. An individual certificate serves as a visible sign of the newly gained knowledge as well as a daily source of motivation.

Good to know: The basic and target group seminars

The range of basic and target group seminars is just as multifaceted as the topics facing our diverse sector.

For example, in the basic seminar you receive a wealth of knowledge about the world of laundry technology. From information about textiles, water, detergents and types of dirt to laundry methods, machines and process monitoring. In addition, all aspects pertaining to laundry services, wastewater and, of course, the environment.

The target group seminars are specifically aimed at certain topics. For example, wet cleaning with its special characteristics regarding products, procedures and applications. Our damage to laundry: What kinds of damages are there, what are the causes? You can also find seminar offers pertaining to the topic of energy conservation and many other subjects.

The best investment in your business is and remains: fundamental expert knowledge. Please contact Tanja Cress, if you or your employees would like to participate in one of the BurnusHychem specialist seminars. Or send her a message:

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