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We think of sustainability.
We act for the environment.

BurnusHychem appreciates the value of water. That's why we produce no wastewater whatsoever in our liquid production. One example of many for environmental protection in practice.

Every product change requires a cleaning procedure on the machines. Instead of constantly using fresh water, BurnusHychem has developed a special method that conserves water through a special recycling process. The water used is temporarily stored until the next similar production is started, and then reused.

Fresh water is also conserved in the sanitary areas of the BurnusHychem company grounds. Here, our sustainable alternative is rain water that is collected through a proprietary utilization system and also used as extinguishing water.

Water is not the only sustainable feature at BurnusHychem. We have developed a returnable system for processing empty containers that picks up and exchanges packaging with customers.

At BurnusHychem, our principle is to prevent rather than separate waste. Packaging materials are cleaned after use and then redeployed. Unavoidable waste is recycled at a 95% rate, and the remaining 5% is used for energy recovery.

BurnusHychem uses natural gas for heat energy. Compared to heating oil used previously, gas has the benefit of sharply reduced sulphur emissions. Likewise, effectiveness of the air filters was significantly improved and the maintenance intervals shortened.

A positive note about energy consumption: Despite added production systems and increased production volumes, the level of energy consumption could be maintained by avoiding current peaks and precisely controlling usage.