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Develop visions, accept responsibility.
Take the sustainable way.

Sustainable development is firmly grounded in the mindset and actions of BurnusHychem. Because success only happens in accordance with the world in which we live.

BurnusHychem is aware that there must be a harmonious balance between growth, resource consumption and environmental impact. Innovative products, optimized methods for conserving resources and integrated environmental protection are therefore the focal points of our research & development investments. Among our achievements are the VRS returnable packaging systems from BurnusHychem that ensure a self-contained cycle.

BurnusHychem introduced the returnable packaging system even before the closed substance cycle and waste management act and revised packaging ordinance came into effect. It is an offering that the majority of our customers use.

Methods from BurnusHychem for preserving the quality of textiles play an important role in sustainability. Because a long life conserves resources.